About Us

Coast To Coast Tax Service was started in 2012 by a mother-daughter team who believe in treating every client like family. Joyce and Samantha Browning have over 18 years of tax experience and currently hold a 5 star office rating awarded in 2014. They have maintained that rating by preparing accurate taxes, upholding the highest standards of integrity, education, and dedication. .

Samantha Browning 


Samantha is curious as a cat, serious, ambitious and dedicated.  Samantha is married to her childhood sweetheart together they have one child and a gifted child. Both boys are their “illegal adults” now. She claims they will be “legal adults” known as grown ups when she makes this decision for them. During tax season, she is found behind a desk with a smile on her face, pen behind her ear, and a child in her lap. Over the years, she has found most little ones often walk their curious little minds around her desk to sit in her lap. Of course they are always welcome to help prepare tax returns. Samantha claims; two minds are better than one, nothing better than a young mind to help her.  She spent many years training-managing- mentoring and loves to watch others achieve success. Her background is in Accounting, International Business, Lead Generation, Non-profit, marketing, sales, and other miscellaneous financial industries.  In her spare time she tries to keep busy and dabbles in many different things. FYI, never ask what she is dabbling in, because the list is LONG. Her favorite quote is one that describes her perfectly. “You will find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile” Charlie Chaplin

Joyce Browning 


Joyce is from Milford Connecticut, she comes from a family of entrepreneurs and learned from a young age the value of hard work and integrity.  She is kind, warm and welcoming, always willing to lend a helping hand, to anyone in need. She moved to Florida in the 90’s to care for her ill father. This ambitious woman took over and successfully operated her father’s businesses, while caring for 3 children and her in-laws. Over the years she has remained married to the love of her life. Together they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. She started in the tax industry in 2003 when her daughter wanted to try something new. As a mother, she is always supportive of her children and willing to participate in their adventures. As a former bookkeeper taxes fit her perfectly. She loves preparing taxes and loves even more working beside her daughter. Everyone wanted to work in Joyce’s tax office because of the positive atmosphere she created. Working in her office, was fun, exciting and a pleasure. Her office was a success each season because she is a success. Joyce has always been very independent, strong and successful in her career choices and in life. Joyce would go onto teach and manage tax offices for the next 9 years. She mentored many new managers and takes great joy in giving others some of her wisdom. To this day she is still friends with many she taught and mentored. When Coast To Coast started she knew the risk and was up for the challenge. Having been self-employed she knew the impact of opening a new business and looked forward to starting a new adventure with her best friend by her side.  She is a true gem and radiates joy and love. She has impacted the lives of many and everyone loves her dearly. Coast To Coast maintains her values by supporting local small business and charities.


In loving memory, of the most giving, loyal, loving woman to walk this earth.

Joyce Paula Browning. 8/12/1959- 8/21/2019.